Technology Solution

We have built one-stop business solution for specific verticals

Intelligent Ads

We offer an intelligent advertising solution, from creative insight into the automated service of advertising production.

Big Data

Get insight of latest advertising trends with big data

AI + Creative

Improve production efficiency and easy operation for everyone

Live Broadcast

Via 2D&3D animation technology, the live broadcasting process is more interesting, more interactive, and also promotes the loyalty of users.


Teachers can make animation courseware to attract students' attention. Parents can make animation video to communicate with children better. Children can also make their own animations, so they can learn, entertain and even make friends.

A powerful assistant for teaching
and a bridge for communication

help students develop intelligence
and teach in fun

Virtual Avatar

Virtual avatar creation is no longer difficult; we provide a whole set of virtual content creation solution for enterprises or individuals, so that your characters can come alive

Cloud Game

Let millions of ordinary game players could create their dreaming games. We provide cloud engine for them and virtual 3D elements on cloud, such as characters, vehicles, animals, skins, weapons, terrains, effects, animations, motions, stages, stories, concept … etc